Like What EP

by Tennyson

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released November 23, 2015


all rights reserved




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Track Name: Fault Line
Look into your eyes I can’t find you
I don’t know what happened to the girl I knew
When there was a light that would shine through
Nothing could be wrong when I was here with you

We can bring the days back that we miss
Why should we keep hurting ourselves like this?
How'd we get so lost in same old same old?
Baby I would rather get lost with you

Why don’t we escape
You and I could leave this all behind
Now is not too late
I know we could get it right this time

Why can't we escape
You and I could leave this all behind
Now is not too late
There's no way I'm turning back this time

What if all the words were understood?
What if all the doubt was gone for good?
What if I could bring the world to you?
Could you live today like your last few?

Don't you see there's nowhere to run?
Don't you see you're faith high?
Can't you see the damage you've done?
Can't you see the fault line?

I know that you're faith high
Can't you see the fault line?
Track Name: Too Long
Staring at these walls
Staring at these walls
Long for your voice
'times I pretend you're the dial tone
Not another night alone

How did all of this start?
Tore me off of your heart
You know that I'll
Wilt while you blossom
I'm undone
Just come back and take me home

Can't you see that I've changed?

If walls would fall
Open the world
Oh you'd be there and
Let me tame your yellow stare

If clocks would stop
Ocean or not
Sail back to you
And fix what we've got

Where was I when you needed me?
You were there for me easily
Yeah how could I have thought
This could work when only I was loved and you're the one forgot?
I've learned from being lost
I see the lie
I hid behind
That I'd be fine
Not by your side

See ticking hands can't hold me tight
You're the girl that I need tonight
Hope that you're not gone
Shouldn't I get the chance to tell you that
I was wrong?
Darling this has gone too long

Can't you see that I've changed?

Will they even find me at all?
I worry I've hid here too long
Their voices have faded away
Forget about me

I wouldn't do that to you
Wouldn't walk on you
Wouldn't walk on you
Track Name: Beautiful World
It’s a beautiful world
Can you see it anymore?
Running with your eyes closed
Looking for the words “I’m sure”
Don’t know what it’s all for
Afraid to watch it all unfold

What for?
What for?
Out there?
Everything’s here

There’s more
In here
Everything’s there

You can be the calm words
Spoken by the midnight sea
You can be the full moon
You can be the birds set free

You can be the sure wind
Purring in the blossom tree
You can be the petals
Falling on the blushing stream

You can be the sunrise
Scattered by the frozen air
You can be the ocean
Held within a single tear

You could be the whole world
You could watch it all unfold

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